Thursday, 2 December 2010

And The Winner is Announced!

Well done to everyone who entered the Top Teen Model Competition at The Studio @ Theo Georgio!!!

The Winner has finally been announced, a big congratulations to Rosin McGrath!

She receives a makeover and photoshoot worth £500, Sean and I are excited to welcome Rosin back to collect her prize and are sure it will be a day to remember!

Aswell as first prize we also have our runners up winning a second and third prize!

Well done our runner up 2nd place, Karis Chinnock!

Gaynor, owner of a modelling agency in Wylde Green Sutton Colfield, had the final say on the winner and runners up.  This was a job I was not envious of as she found it incredibly difficult to choose, all of the girls looked fantastic in their chosen shots!  With this in mind and the difficult task of choosing, Gaynor was torn and decided to have joint third place.

Congratulations to Siobhan Ruhan and Sara Cowie!

All the girls were fantastic and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as Sean and myself enjoyed the shoots! Some of the girls travelled across Birmingham to enter the competition at our Studio in Sutton Coldfield, and for this we say thank you, and hope that their experience was worth the travel.  Everyone involved felt this competition was highly successful and we plan on hosting a 17-19 competition in the new year, we'll keep you posted!