Photo Shoot with Sodia!

Yesterday I had the privilege to join Sean on a shoot for Sodia, an Abba tribute act.  The two lovely girls, Sophie Mccance-Davis and Lydia Griffiths, both 18, took the whole shoot in their stride.  The shoot itself is part of their promotion for their Abba tribute act and they call themselves Sodia.  Together with these images there will be a video, where they are recorded within a recording studio and also snippets of their act, which is also followed by their very own website, which i will be adding to this blog at a later date.  So check them out!

Not only was this shoot beneficial for the girls, but as a new member of the Theo Georgio Studio I had the chance to see Sean at work.  Though i studied photography at university, working at Theo Georgio is my first job in the photography industry, and so i still consider myself a 'student' of photography, with much more to learn.  Sean has kindly given me the chance to gain experience in the field, and so the shoot yesterday was somewhat of a learning curve for me, he guided me with the shots I was taking and explain different technical details to me.  This I is how I can gain and learn information, rather than sitting in a classroom environment whereby I am just told (as I find if I don't do it myself I forget!).

Though many people may find having a 'trainee' on board frustrating, the girls were more than happy to have me there, and I'd just like to say thanks!  As they were patient and allowed Sean to take the time to just show me a few tricks of the trade.

As said before I will put Sodias website address up at a later date so all can see what I'm talking about!